Nicht, weil es unerreichbar ist, wagen wir es nicht, sondern weil wir es nicht wagen, ist es unerreichbar."


Paraplegie adieu – Ein Pilotprojekt zur Heilung traumatisierter Querschnitssgelähmter

Paraplegie - Resources


Causes of Paraplegie

At Paraplegie Wiesbaden, we understand that paraplegia primarily results from spinal cord injuries, which can be caused by accidents, falls, sports injuries, or diseases such as cancer and infections. Our approach begins with a fundamental awareness of these causes, aiming to transcend traditional limitations through the power of the mind-body connection.

Symptoms of Paraplegie

Loss of Mobility and Sensation: The hallmark of paraplegia includes loss of movement and sensation in the lower half of the body. Autonomic Dysfunction: Symptoms may also encompass autonomic system challenges, affecting blood pressure and temperature regulation.

Diagnosis of Paraplegie

Diagnosis typically involves medical imaging and neurological examinations. At Paraplegie Wiesbaden, we view diagnosis as a starting point for a journey of self-exploration and potential healing, beyond the confines of conventional prognosis.

Treatment Options for Paraplegie

While mainstream treatments focus on managing symptoms, our project, "Paraplegie-adieu," encourages exploring the immense potential of the mind through meditation and psychotherapeutic practices to stimulate recovery processes.

Rehabilitation for Paraplegie

Rehabilitation is crucial for adapting to life with paraplegia. Our holistic methods aim to complement physical therapies with mental and emotional healing, embracing the latest findings in neuroscience and ancient wisdom.

Assistive Devices for Paraplegie

While assistive devices like wheelchairs and mobility aids are important, our goal is to help individuals envision and work towards a reality where such aids may become less central to their lives.

Complications of Paraplegie

Complications can include muscle atrophy, pressure sores, and emotional distress. We address these challenges by fostering a deep connection between the mind and body, encouraging a proactive stance towards recovery and well-being.

Emotional Impact of Paraplegie

The emotional journey following a spinal cord injury is profound. At Paraplegie Wiesbaden, we offer support that extends beyond physical healing, recognizing the immense power of psychological resilience and its role in the healing process.

Support Services for Individuals with Paraplegie

Our support services are designed to cultivate a community of healing, offering a space for sharing experiences and exploring the depths of one’s potential for recovery and personal growth.

Research on Paraplegie

We are committed to delving into the latest research, merging scientific discoveries with holistic practices to uncover new pathways for healing paraplegia. Our approach is rooted in the belief that the limits of recovery are yet to be fully understood and that the mind plays a pivotal role in surpassing those limits.

At Paraplegie Wiesbaden, founded by Christa Maria Petsch, we challenge the traditional confines of paraplegia treatment. Our project "Paraplegie-adieu" is not just a program but a movement towards redefining what is possible in the recovery from spinal cord injuries. Through a synergistic blend of psychotherapy, quantum physics, neuroscience, and meditation, we invite individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. Our approach is not about rejecting conventional medical practices but about adding a profound layer of mind-body exploration, believing in the potential for what lies beyond the physical limitations.

Located in the heart of Schlangenbad - Georgenborn, we stand as a beacon of hope and possibility for those impacted by paraplegia. Our doors are open to everyone ready to explore the vast potential of their inner selves and embark on a path that may challenge the established beliefs about recovery and healing. Together, let us explore the frontiers of what is possible, guided by the conviction that the journey towards healing is not just physical but a deeply personal and spiritual quest.

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Paraplegie Heilung Wiesbaden


Von Beruf bin ich Diplom-Psychologin mit 16-jähriger klinischer Erfahrung. 16 Jahre psychotherapeutische Tätigkeit in eigener Praxis. In den letzten Jahren habe ich mich dem Studium der Quantenphysik, der Philosophie und den Lehren des Buddhismus gewidmet.

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Das Projekt "Paraplegie-adieu" richtet sich an traumatisierte Querschnittsgelähmte. Erfahren Sie mehr über Inhalt und Ablauf des Projekts und darüber, wie die Wirkmechanismen des geistig-seelischen Potentials zur Heilung genutzt werden können.


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