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Toddler sleep training Surrey

Toddler sleep training Surrey

Why Toddler Sleep Training In Surrey Is Very Important

Sleep is very important especially for toddlers. Having a regular sleeping pattern is even more important since toddlers that have a regular sleeping pattern tend to sleep longer. So, you may need to apply some of the toddler sleep training tips in Surrey below. They help to regulate your baby’s sleep and also help him sleep earlier and longer.

Make his sleep a priority

A lot of mothers do not take toddler sleep training in Surrey important because their baby’s sleep is not even a priority to them. You need to understand that one of the most important contributors to your baby’s healthy growth is his sleep. This is why experts say your baby’s sleeping habit is a necessity.

You can only attach important to toddler sleep training in Surrey if your toddler’s sleeping habit is important to you. May be you should think of this. When your baby wakes up frequently in the night, it can lead to postpartum depression for you as a mother.

In addition, toddlers who wake up frequently in the night stand a risk of short attention spans and such kids cannot and do not learn well. Now, do you understand why your kid’s poor sleeping habit should bother you? Just make it a priority and other things will fall into place.

Rule out other possible causes

Before you begin to regulate his sleep, you must be sure that he does not have any medical condition like sleep apnea. If you live with your partner, you should carry him (your spouse) along too. It is not uncommon for some toddlers to eat a couple of times before morning.

It is necessary to fix the last time your kid will eat in the night before going to bed and how many times you intend to feed him till day break. The ideal situation is for your kid not to eat until morning. But if your baby eats a multiple times in the night, it is not advisable to stop him completely.

You need to reduce the number of times he eats in the night to just once. And to make it work, you may need to feed him at the very middle of the night. For instance, if he sleeps around 9pm and wakes up finally, around 8am, it is better to feed him between 2 and 3am.

Once he gets comfortable with one-time night feeding, you should begin to plan how to eliminate the night feeding totally. You need to be firm on this because it will elicit a lot of cries from your baby. Don’t feel guilty. It is for his good and not a punitive measure.

Initiate his sleep

Another common challenge is that some toddlers usually do not sleep early or at the right time. The first step is to involve your pediatrician and your husband to fix the right time for your toddler to sleep.

The ideal time is 7pm. You should create a sleeping routine that starts with a bath. After a bath, you may need to read a book to him or tell a story. You could also include a lullaby singing session. To make this work, you may need to set the scene. Babies find it harder to sleep under a bright light so, you may need to switch to dim light at bedtime.

In conclusion, the process is not as easy as it sounds. To make it easier, you may need to keep a log of his activities to understand the true picture of things because if your baby makes a fuss for just 10 minutes in the middle of the night, it may feel like 30 minutes. In addition, you should be very observant.


Toddler sleep training Surrey
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Toddler sleep training Surrey
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